Audiovisual production in Spain

Audiovisual production company in Spain - Advertising agency Sàrsia publicitat Spain

Sàrsia Publicitat is an audiovisual production company in Spain with experience and creativity

We can film and photograph everything you need,  we also carry out audiovisual content management so they have better dissemination. We are a certainly professional and efficient audiovisual production company.


Photography sessions - audiovisual production company in Spain - photographer in Chefchaouen chauen chaouenne xauenIn Sàrsia Publicitat, we provide photography services in general, from advertising photography, touristic photography, events photography, corporate photography to product photography.
When talking about advertising photography, we specially focus on representative and careful photographs, we try to take a smaller number of photos, looking for the visual strength and the adaptation of the photograph to the different pieces of the campaign.

Within corporate photography we aim above all to reflect the corporate values and ideas more freely.

We take special care that our product photography is a technical photograph, orienting these photos to their later insertion in catalogs and other marketing actions.

On the other hand, events photography is freer and it tries to capture every special moment.

Audiovisual production company expert in video production

We record videos of events of all kinds. Each event has very different recording techniques, due to the different nature and great variability of attendees. We have recorded events for private companies, public institutions and associations.

We are able to record journalistic reports or advertorials for private companies. A well-produced advertorial can help explain company processes, impacts on the environment or corporate social responsability.

In this advertising agency we have a video production team who can devise and produce those advertising spots that your company is looking for. It is very important to have into account the overview of a campaign so it spreads out in the different media. Creativity is essential so a spot is effective and it creates added value.

Introduce video communication in the company

Overall, many companies need the production of a corporate video with the core values of the corporation. Our audiovisual production company in Spain will obviously portray them in an attractive video.

In the same way that infographics are used to communicate complex ideas, we can also use infographic videos, based on templates to reduce costs.

Among our clients, we work with private companies of all kinds, from the hotel industry to the sanitary or footwear industry. We also have public institutions. We have worked for musical and theater associations.

In the audiovisual production company in Spain Sàrsia you will find everything that your company needs regarding audiovisual productions. We are certainly your audiovisual production company in Spain and professional advertising agency.